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Valentines Day is tomorrow

Tomorrow is Valentines Day.  I wish all of you the happiest of days.


New work added

Hi all:

Posted two new paintings today.  One of a little girl on the beach and the other a still life of pears and a wine bottle.  The pears and wine is a pastel painting and the other of the girl is an acrylic painting.  All my work is available for purchase just contact me if your interested in the details.  Have a great night.


girl on beach

Little girl spending her day in the sand

A young girl spending her day on a sandy beach.  She will create a wonderous sandcastle this day only to have the sea reclaim it but she will remember the day she built it. 
This is an acrylic painting 5×7 in size framed in a light blue frame.  It is available for purchase, please inquire if interested.

Wine and Pears

Wine and Pears

A pastel painting of a wine bottle and pears

A pastel painting of a wine bottle and green pears resting on a white tablecover.  This painting is 16×20 in size and is framed and matted.  The frame is a maple wood frame.  It is available for purchase, please inquire if interested.

More paintings added

Hi all:

Added some more painting images.  I just finished a small one this afternoon in the studio of a little girl on the shore playing in the sand.  I will take a photo of it and publish it tomorrow.  Have a good night.

Surfcasting on the Sound

Surfcasting on the sound

The sun is beginning to set against the blue green waters of Long Island Sound.  A fisherman wades out to see if his luck is with him tonight while he casts into the waves.  The sky was amazing that night and I had to think …..this surfcaster was not just there for fishing but also for the glorious sky show going on.
This is a pastel painting and is 16×20 in size. 

Hershel’s Farm


Maine farmhouse in winter

This is a painting of my sisters friends farmhouse in Maine.  She used to visit him yearly but hasn’t in many years, although they do chat on the phone to keep up with happenings.  She took alot of photos of the place over the years and I picked this one out to do a painting of.  This piece is 11×14 in size, an acrylic and is framed in a wide gold frame.