Fine Art Realism my artwork

A new experience for me blogging.  I’m having fun with it and looking forward to seeing who comes across my artwork and also with meeting new artists.

I’m preparing to start some new paintings fora one woman exhibit that will be in May of this year at one of the galleries that handles my work .  I have alot of ideas for it and will start the process of getting ready.  These shows are always exciting for me, getting new work out there and getting to meet my faithful clients and the possibility of meeting new ones.  I’ll keep you posted as the paintings develop.

Cod Dorry
The reflections of a dorry on the water

This painting is an acrylic piece painted on gessoed hardboard.  It is 8×10 in size and framed.  The subject was photographed by another artist who invited others to paint their rendition of it.  Because all artists are versatile it’s great when we can all do our own interpretations of the same subject.  This painting is available for purchase .  If interested please inquire .

Porcelain Pitcher

Window ledge of light

This painting is 18×24 in size and is also an acrylic.  I wanted to play with alot of light in this piece and managed to do so.  The subject is so simple but elegant to create.  I had a great time exploring what I could add to this piece to keep it simple.  I hope you enjoy viewing this painting as much as I had creating it. 

Wooden bowl with pears

The appeal of pears

Sea Grass

Rowboat on the New England shores

Hello world!

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Hello world!!!!  Today is Saturday February 5.  Another snow day here, but I am ready to spend the afternoon in the studio.  With all this snow I tend to want to paint warm caribbean waters and beaches, so we shall see what starts to come forward today.  I will start posting some of my paintings soon, as soon as I figure out how to do that.  Have a good day everyone.